Bo Jutsu

Doshi-Kai Bo-Jutsu System

Bo-Jutsu is the fundamental weapon and its depth of techniques is as thorough as Ken-Jutsu. It stands alone from other Okinawan weapons. It has been said by old masters that Bo-Jutsu is one of the wheels of a cart and Karate is the other, meaning that their techniques and philosophy complement each other. We must train Bo-Jutsu to perfect Karate and vice versa. Techniques in Bo-Jutsu are very profound and can serve as the basic foundation for all martial arts. In the Doshi-Kai Bo-Jutsu System, we examine and analyze each technique and organize it to make Bo-Jutsu an independent Budo that is worthy of training and pursuing as an art.

Once we become comfortable with the movements of Roku-Shaku Bo, we start training Han Bo simultaneously. Although many Han Bo techniques are based on those of Roku-Shaku Bo, its movements are more fluent — changing and sliding grips more frequently than with Roku-Shaku Bo, so that we can take the same advantage of the length as with Roku-Shaku Bo in spite of it being half of its length. Han Bo means “a half size Bo”, meaning its length is half the size of Roku-Shaku (6’). However, we use a 40” Bo as Han Bo, which is about one grip-size longer, to maximize the advantage of its length against a sword, while maintaining the easiness to handle as a 3’ Bo.

Tan Bo means “a short stick”, and some of its techniques are similar to Ko-Tachi (a short sword) and Sai. It is easier to carry and more practical in terms of self-defense, and its techniques can be applied with something we find around us like a folding umbrella.

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