Traditional Martial Arts Since 1984

Doshi-Kai Karate has been teaching traditional martial arts in Acton, Massachusetts and in the greater Boston area since 1984, and prides itself on teaching all of our students in a focused but friendly environment. Doshi-Kai offers karate classes for men, women and adolescents age 14 and above. The classes are open to all ranks. No experience needed!

Doshi-Kai was founded by Nago Matsuyama Sensei in Boston in 1984, and has long established itself as a leader in the Massachusetts traditional martial arts landscape. Classes at Doshi-Kai are structured to be filled with learning, encouragement, hard work, and enjoyment for all of its students.

In addition to traditional martial arts classes for adults, Doshi-Kai also offers periodic self-defense courses, traditional kobudo (weapons) courses for adults, Iaido / Bojutsu, and more. Doshi-Kai prides itself being a dojo (training headquarters) where traditional martial arts classes are taught with excellence to all levels, regardless of rank, age, or experience.

To learn more about our adult program, please check out the link below.

Adult Martial Arts Classes