Sensei Matsuyama is back from Japan, and on Saturday, February 18, 2017 he taught a three hour long class. We did kihon, Tai Jutsu, and Bo Jutsu building upon the techniques Sensei taught us in August. At the end of class, Sensei Matsuyama presented shodan and nidan certificates to the four people who promoted to shodan and nidan in August: Melynda Gambino (Shodan), Poul Williams (Shodan), Andrea Tondo (Nidan), and John O’Gara (Nidan). Melynda and Poul also received their black belts from Sensei. Hon Hoi Yee got a well-deserved promotion to nidan! Congratulations, Hon! Hon Hoi Yee: Poul Williams: Melynda Gambino: Andrea Tondo: John O’Gara:Read More →

On Saturday, August 13, Sensei Matsuyama held a promotion for Doshi Kai. Kyū Rankings Hansong Zeng was promoted to 6th. kyū Tim Puopolo to 4th. kyū Chesley Chen to 3rd. kyū Shodan Rankings Melynda Gambino, Shodan Poul Williams, Shodan Nidan Rankings Andrea Tondo, Nidan John O’Gara, NidanRead More →

Congratulations to Toby Gray on promoting to Shodan. Below are videos from the promotion. Kata Bo Kumite This is a full video showing 10 consecutive matches without a break. I decided to show this in the long form, to let you watch the test as if you were sitting in the dojo.Read More →