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This section helps you to meet the karateka who practice at DoShiKai.

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Promotion Results

On Saturday, August 13, Sensei Matsuyama held a promotion for Doshi Kai.

Kyū Rankings
Hansong Zeng was promoted to 6th. kyū
Tim Puopolo to 4th. kyū
Chesley Chen to 3rd. kyū

Shodan Rankngs
Melynda Gambino, Shodan
Poul Williams, Shodan

Nidan Rankings
Andrea Tondo, Nidan
John O'Gara, Nidan

What is Doshi-Kai?
DoShiKai is a traditional Japanese Shotokan dojo.
Doshi-Kai (meaning “the group pursuing the way”) was founded by Master Nagao Matsuyama, in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1984.

The atmosphere at Doshi-Kai is unique—serious and focused, but friendly and not militaristic. In this setting, you can really feel the difference between “commercial” martial arts and the rare traditional non-profit groups where the “art” is more important than the promotion, the technique more valued than the belt, and the individual progress is not measured by how much you’ve paid out, but by how hard you work on yourself.

Body Shifting - Tai Sabaki
Sensei Matsuyama demonstrates using block and attack and body shifting at the same time:

Visit a Typical Class online

Take a YouTube Video tour of basic techniques, kihon kumite and kata filmed during a regular class run by Sensei Matsuyama.

<- Sensei Matsuyama demonstrating a technique with George Noone

These classes will challenge you to excel, much like the way they were taught in Japan to promote mental and physical discipline. Master Matsuyama’s advanced take on Shotokan combines the flexibility and fluidity of Taisabaki (shifting) with the speed, power and forward focus of traditional Shotokan.

Every class with Master Matsuyama is like a special seminar—he has been mentored by Master Watanabe, who himself is the oldest living student of the founder of Shotokan Karate, Grandmaster Funakoshi. Advanced students come from a long way off, just to have a chance to work out with Master Matsuyama at his level.

DoShi-Kai is located in Acton, Masachusetts, near Boston.

Doshi-Kai Budo
Karate, Kendo and Iaido

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Kids Classes
Mondays and Wednesdays
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Beginners Welcome

Ever Wonder what a Black Belt Exam is like?
John O'Gara writes down his own personal experience about his Black Belt test. His first person account is interesting for those who have not taken the test, and also for others who have taken the test and want to remember the nerves and sweat.
Class Schedule
Adult Classes
Tuesday and Thursdays
7:00 - 9:00 PM

Doshi-Kai Karate Dojo
New Exchange Place
138 Main Street (Route 27)
Top Floor
Acton, MA 01720
Tel. 617-738-6244

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