Acton’s premier traditional children’s martial arts program.

Check out more information about our programs below, or contact one of our instructors about the following programs:

In the children’s martial arts classes at Doshi-Kai, students learn traditional Shotokan Karate, as well as develop the personal benefits of martial arts including self control, discipline, respect and focus. Our children’s classes are tailored specifically not just to their experience with martial arts, but to the respective physical, intellectual, social and emotional stages of development of each age group.

Regular youth karate classes take place on Monday’s and Wednesdays, and are broken down by age and belt rank. The breakdown of our classes are as follows:

  • Tiny Tigers: Martial Arts for 3-4 Year Olds
  • Beginner Martial Arts: 5-6 Year Olds
  • Beginner Martial Arts: 7-9 Year Olds
  • Intermediate Martial Arts / 10 Years+
  • Advanced Martial Arts, all ages

Students 7+ are also invited to attend our Thursday evening review class, and are additionally invited to participate in various special programs. These programs occur throughout the year and include children’s self-defense, teen self-defense, weapons, family fitness and more.

Classes are taught by instructor team Rich Borges and Katie Jordan, two life-long martial artists who have a combined 40+ years of teaching children’s martial arts, as well as several other programs. Learn more about Sensei Rich and Sensei Katie on our instructors page!

If you would like to learn more about our program and how it can help your child,¬†or to access our schedule, contact our children’s program director Rich Borges, Sensei @ 978-612-6272 or submit the form below.