Take a look at the videos to get a sense of a typical class.

Body Shifting – Tai Sabaki
Sensei Matsuyama demonstrates Uchi-Sabaki & Soto-Sabaki in Kihon Tai-Sabaki with Kihon Uke.
Downblock and forearm Block while shifting:

Kihon – Basics
Sensei Matsuyama demonstrates front kick and forward and counter punch (mae-geri gyaku-zuki) combination, as well as round house (mawashi-geri), and the class practices those techniques.

Kihon Kumite with Tai Sabaki – Basic Sparring Utilizing Body Shifting
Students practice Kihon Kumite using Tai Sabaki, shifting out of the way of an opponent, immediately after an attack is initiated, and then counter attack. Notice the effort that Sensei Matsuyama makes to teach the students the proper technique, and then how they make a very good effort to follow his directions.

Kata – Heian Shodan
The video below shows the class, led by Sensei Matsuyama, performing Heian Shodan.

Class Ends
About 2 hours after we start. Everyone is sweating a lot, but feels good because of the strong effort that was made. We do 10 punches from a horse stance, then warm down.

Finally, we line up and bow to shomen and then to each other, and thank Sensei Matsuyama for teaching class.